Are you expecting more than 100 people?  Do you fear that your friends and family won’t be able to hear you say I do? We can help with that.  In addition to Djing and Emcee services, we offer a wide range of microphone options to guarantee that people can hear you. We offer state of the art, high end microphones that offer the highest quality of sound to ensure that you not only sound like yourself, but that the sound is natural sounding to the ear and not digital.  We offer both handheld and lavalier microphones.

Handheld microphone

The first option is our handheld microphone. In this situation, the pastor is responsible for holding the mic. As he speaks, he can speak into the handheld, and then as each the bride and groom speak, he can aim the mic in the direction of the person speaking.  We do offer a mic stand if the pastor does not have a free hand to hold the mic.

Lavalier microphones

Our second option, would be the use of lavalier mics.  We can mic the Pastor, the Bride, and the Groom if desired. When using a lavalier, the mic is much smaller and attached somewhere to the clothing.  We have clips of all shapes and sizes, so we can hide the mic and cable from being seen on both men and women.

Audio Recording of Ceremony

If you use our microphones, we can offer to record the audio of the ceremony as well.



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